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No one should have to risk their life for a period pad.

Floco is on a mission to help everyone have the best period they can.

While still at university, our co-founder Alison Wood  was conducting research in rural Kenya working closely with a local charity. Through this research she discovered that many young students were forced to exchange sex for access to period products. Sadly as it turns out, many girls all over the world face this problem, just to ensure they don’t miss out on school every month, valuing the freedom that their education could buy them above all else. Since then we have been committed to fighting period inequality. No one should have to make this kind of choice. Floco now work around the world increasing access to period products and period education.

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Impact to Date

💗1800 pads donated 

💗Partnerships with 8 communities around the globe 

💗3 micro-finance seller projects 

Donate a Pack Directly Today


We find incredible partners within communities to work with. These partners are key to our work. They understand the wants and and needs of the community.


Working together we will discuss the direction of the project. Every Floco project looks slightly different as we know there is not a one size fits all solution. Some projects will focus solely on donations, others will focus on training local people to set up “pad projects” creating independent sustainable access to period products for the entire communities.

Build on Partnership

We will remain in close contact with partners to ensure we can work to improve or expand the project to ensure the partnership is supportive, empowering and meaningful.

Floco Values

🤝🏿Collaboration: Floco believe that real impact will be made through collaboration. We love creating partnerships with other incredible organisations to help ensure solutions are as adaptable and impactful as possible.

❤️Community: Floco love community. Our projects aim to be as flexible as possible to ensure that the needs and wants of the community are met. Where possible, we work to set up independent pad projects which are then run entirely by the community themselves.

💰Financial empowerment: Floco are passionate about moving beyond traditional one off donation schemes. Although we do directly donate pads where and when needed we believe in fostering partnerships to build on the initiative further. By setting up projects were local women sell pads in the community they are empowered with an additional disposable income.

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