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Floco's puberty education

Floco is a big believer in inclusive and engaging education.

Floco has designed and developed several education programmes focused on using compassion and fun to increase discussions around periods, puberty and sexual harassment. These lessons and workshops are delivered to all genders using interactive activities with the aim of building empathy amongst young people and giving them the tools to begin to question and pick apart inequalities.

How do we operate?


Floco can provide resources to your institution

These include:

Educational lesson packs focused on periods and puberty that aim to challenge gender stereotypes and stigma.

A peer ambassador programme: Our compassionate scheme trains senior High School students to deliver workshops and act as visible ambassadors within the schools to take a stand against gender inequality.


The Floco team can deliver workshops and PHSE lessons to your school

Our current lessons plans fall in line with curriculum guidelines for early High school PHSE/Health and Wellbeing classes.

These lessons include; an introduction to puberty, puberty and the pressure to feel ‘normal’, an introduction to periods, periods and emotions, period products and period inequality and gender stereotypes and the casualisation of sexual harassment.

Everything you need to know

Examples of information we cover

"The lessons were dynamic, fun and informative. We were really impressed by the engaging way the Floco delivered information to our pupils – they used lots of props, ice breakers, group activities and were excellent at helping the pupils feel more confident in discussing puberty, periods, period poverty and different products.

We feel that Floco rather than teachers were delivering the lessons was a real benefit as it made it more relaxed and informal"

Gemma Hay, George Heriot's

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