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Hi, we're Floco!

Floco (pronounced “Flow Co.”) was founded by 2 young women; Mhairi Cochrane and Alison Wood in 2018 in Edinburgh. Mhairi and Alison are passionate about equality, education and innovation with compassion to give everyone the best life they can. 

Where did our journey begin?

While still at university, our co-founder Alison Wood  was conducting research in rural Kenya working closely with a local charity. Through this research she discovered that many young students were forced to exchange sex for access to period products. Sadly as it turns out, many girls all over the world face this problem, just to ensure they don’t miss out on school every month, valuing the freedom that their education could buy them above all else. Since then we have been committed to fighting period inequality. No one should have to make this kind of choice. Floco now work around the world increasing access to period products and period education. 

So, What Do Floco Do?

Floco are fighting to ensure everyone has the best period they can. We do this in 3 ways. 

Firstly, we have designed high quality, discreet and comfy reusable period pads because why should people who flow put up with anything less? For too long flow products have not been given the innovation they deserve.  Floco's pads are an absolute game-changer for people who flow, especially if tampons and cups just ain’t your thing. Sustainability does not have to mean compromising on quality!

Secondly, Floco are dedicated to helping people who flow live the best life they can. So when you buy from Floco they are able to support women around the world. Their initiatives increase access to reusable period products and education. And this isn’t your typical or traditional donation scheme. Floco is passionate about creating solutions that create independence and are specific to the community by training local women to sell products at feasible low prices for locals. 

Finally, Floco are big believers in using education to empower. They have created an education programme focusing on periods, puberty and gender stereotypes that is inclusive and engaging. This is delivered to young people of all genders and aims to encourage young people to pick apart stereotypes and nurtures a culture of understanding and compassion. 

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