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Revolutionary Reusable Period Pads Designed For You

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Thin and soft pads for YOU

No one wants a bulky pad in their pants. Our pads are as soft as underwear, thin and discreet.

Ultra-absorbent Fabric

Our innovative technical materials keep you dry throughout the day. All liquids are absorbed rapidly and secured in the core not seeping through.


Floco pads have a curved design - because no ones underwear is rectangle. We use black fabrics that look sexy in your favourite undies.

A First Time Guide to Floco Pads

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How do they work?

You use reusable pads the same way you use disposable pads. The only difference is you use wings which fasten around your underwear. Instead of throwing your pad away after use, you wash them!

Do they smell?

No! Our pads are designed to be odourless.

Don't they feel like nappies?

Floco pads have been designed to be ultra-absorbent yet super thin and comfy. Using unique technical materials they are super thin you won't see them through your leggings- we promise !

How do you wash them?

Washing reusable pads is super easy. Simply put them in the wash with your regular washing. Tad-dah! Fresh, clean pads. Dry them and re-wear them. Full washing instructions come with every pack.

Are they hygienic?

Reusable period pads are completely safe and hygienic. Make sure to wash them after use and change regularly.

Do they actually absorb?

Floco standard pads absorb 15ml of liquid- double the amount of a standard disposable pad or the same as a standard menstrual cup.

Innovation in every layer

Floco have designed high quality, award winning reusable period pads. Floco use layers of incredible technical materials used by no one else on the market. These materials absorb liquid rapidly and hold it secure ensuring you remain dry and secure throughout your day. 

The pads are also super thin helping them feel discreet and comfy so you can get on with being you even on your period. 


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"They are so thin and comfortable and surprisingly absorbent. I don't even notice when I am wearing them."

- A Happy Floco Customer

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Feel secure, dry and confident

Our pads are leak-proof, discreet and super soft.

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What are they made from?

1. A moisture-wicking layer keeping you dry

2. A super absorbent core that secures any liquid so you can feel dry no matter what you get up to.

3. A leakproof bottom later.

4. The soft wings that fasten using poppers and lay flat next to your legs, preventing side leaks and keeping the pad nice and secure to your undies.

Looking after your Floco Pads

Washing Floco reusable pads is super easy (trust us!).

1. If you fancy rinse or soak your pad in cold water before washing (this step is optional).💧

2. Next, shove them in the wash with you usual washing. Cold washes are better for the pad and for the planet so we suggest 30 degrees or less. 🧼

3. Air dry, dry on radiator or dry in the tumble drier on a low heat.🌬️

4. Rewear. Ta-dah! Fresh, clean pads ready to wear again.🌟

Instructions for looking after your Floco pads will come with every pack.

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