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Zoom The Sleepy one: period pads for night
Zoom The Sleepy one: period pads for night
Zoom The Sleepy one: period pads for night
Zoom The Sleepy one: period pads for night
Zoom The Sleepy one: period pads for night
Zoom The Sleepy one: period pads for night
Zoom The Sleepy one: period pads for night

The Sleepy one: period pads for night

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We have all been there, period blood has leaked onto your lovely new PJs and bedsheets- nightmare! Our period pad for night is soft, comfortable, absorbent and long to give you full coverage during the night.

When is it for? Overnight or on heavy days.

How much does it absorb? 25 ml of fluid, the same as 3 disposable period pads.

What size it is? It's 28cm long and 2mm thin

Washing Floco reusable pads is super easy (trust us!).

1. If you fancy rinse or soak your pad in cold water before washing (this step is optional).

2. Next, shove them in the wash with you usual washing. Cold washes are better for the pad and for the planet so we suggest 30 degrees or less.

3. Air dry, dry on radiator or dry in the tumble drier on a low heat.

4. Rewear. Ta-dah! Fresh, clean pads ready to wear again.

Instructions for looking after your Floco pads will come with every pack.

Our pads are made from technical materials designed to ensure you have the best period you can. The pads comprise of a moisture-wicking later keeping you dry, a super absorbent core and a leak-proof bottom later. All the materials are polyester.

All the materials and the pads are made in the EU as we're committed to shortening our production line to reduce carbon emissions.

The Sleepy one: period pads for night


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Why Floco

Free UK shipping

Your pads will arrive with 3-5 days

Buy one sponsor one

Buying from us helps someone else in need. Learn more about it here

Reduce your waste

Swapping to our pads reduces your carbon emissions from period products by 90%.


How long do Floco pads last?

Floco pads last up to 7 years! Saving you money, reducing waste, and saving you time emptying the bathroom bin!

How often should you change?

Our pads are double the absorbency of a disposable, so depending on your flow probably every every 4-6 hours.

Do reusable period pads smell?

Reusable period pads smell no more than disposable products. In reality when cared for correctly, reusable period pads will smell less than disposable products because they contain no nasty chemicals which often combine with the blood to create a stronger smell.

But how do reusable pads work?

Reusable period pads work the same way as disposable pads except they use adjustable wings that attach around your underwear. Instead of throwing your pad away after use, you wash your reusable pads. When you are out and about you can store your pads in our carry bags. These are sealed and waterproof and have 2 sides; 1 for your used pads and 1 for your fresh pads.

How many pads do I need?

How many pads you need depends on your flow, your preference for changing products, if you use other period products, how long your period lasts and how often you want to do washing. A Floco standard pad holds double the amount of a standard disposable.

Example: If you are using Floco pads alone and you use 6 disposable pads a day you would only need 3 Floco pads. If your period lasts for 3 days- we would estimate you need 9 pads if you don't want to do washing during your period.

However many of our customers start small or start using our pads in combination with another product or only on specific days of their cycle. Do what works for you- swapping to our pads even for 1 day a period reduces your menstrual waste massively so celebrate that win!

Are reusable pads safe to use?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

There are several research studies which have proven that reusable period pads are hygienic and safe.

The main risk associated with any product is absorbency. If the product does not adequately absorb and remains wet and is worn for a long period of time, it can lead to irritation. But many users note that they find reusable period pads are more effective at absorbing than disposable pads! 

Reusable pads also tend to be more breathable and natural than disposable pads. Disposable pads have been known to contain nasty chemicals which are harsh and irritable.

Which type of pad do I need?

Light period

You: Wear the lightest absorbency pad and change it because the packet says, rather than because you’re worried about leaking

For you: Our Little One is our pantiliner – it’s super thin and you’ll barely feel it

Medium period

You: Change your pad every four hours roughly on a normal absorbency pad

For you: Our Superstar Pad will last you twice as long as a normal disposable or get our Full Range pack with day pads, night pads and pantiliners

Heavy period

You: Three hours between changing is as long as you can currently hope for on a heavy day

For you: Our superstar pad is able to absorb twice as much as a disposable, or you can use our Night Pad if you want even more security

Tampon or cup user

You: Love your tampon or cup but are worried about occasional leaks

For you: Our Back-up Pad is perfect to stop any worries about occasional leaks

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