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What Is Period Poverty?

Period poverty has gained a lot of attention over the past few years, and rightfully so. As many as 800 million people menstruate at any one point. Every single one...

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Is My Period Pain Normal?

Is my period pain normal? A question many of us have asked ourselves. Sadly, pain is part of the package for people who have periods. Pain alongside tiredness, bloating, cravings,...

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What Is The Gender Pay Gap?

Lilypads believe in equality, today we are going to dive into the gender pay gap.“In 2019, on average women were paid 83p for every £1 men were paid.” This opening...

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5 Ways To Fight The Pain Gap

In our previous post we talked about the Pain Gap – the way pain is treated and understood differently between men and women. Women’s pain is often dismissed or downplayed...

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