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Why I’m Now A Convert To Reusable Pads

For as long as I can remember my periods have been heavy and painful. Its not something I dwell on but I always viewed periods as something to endure or ‘get through’ even. Not exactly what you want considering the average woman will spend 10 years on her period in her lifetime(yes 10 YEARS). I viewed my period products in much the same way – I got by and I endured the annoying side effects that came with using disposable and heavily scented pads. These being the itching , the irritation and the chaffing to name just a few. Until one day I decided I had enough! I had to make a change. Periods have rightly so been a hot topic of conversation in the media of late and through this I realised I did have other options,options that would not only benefit me but the environment to. Through researching these alternative and more sustainable options I discovered reusable pads, cups and period pants. The one that appealed the most to me was the reusable pads after all they were still pads but I was intrigued to see how they might feel different and what effect this might have on me and my periods.

Trying lilypads reusable pads for the first time I have to admit I was apprehensive , nervous even. Having never tried them before I really didn’t know what to expect other than what I had researched online. I opened them slowly and peaked in to see some lightweight and cool yes cool cloth pads not a word I would usually use to describe pads! Now confession time I did have visions …or dare I say it nightmares of reuable pads being big and bulky. Lets just say I could not have been more wrong. The design of lilypads reusable pads is right up my street – the black design of the pads makes them look sleek and modern. Not something I would initially say is important for a pad but considering you will be wearing it again and again I think its important they looked aesthetically pleasing. But now for the real talk and what you’ve probably been waiting for… did they actually work and how did they feel? Well my most frequent fear was that the pads would feel ‘damp’ for a better word while I was wearing them on my period as I bled. Another worry was if I would feel protected – having heavy periods this was a big concern. The answer is a huge no to feeling damp and a huge yes to feeling protected. I didn’t feel that icky damp feeling at all but one tip is to always have a bundle of reusables at hand to change regularly. Much like my disposable pads I still had to change my reusables regularly but I found I felt fresher for longer and so much for comfortable. I definitely felt protected from leaks as my reusables felt secure with the handy button fastening keeping them in place. You might be wondering how you wash them and how that all works.Well to be honest I had no idea before I first tried lilypads reusable pads how to wash them ,luckily the super handy instructions that came with the pads explained how to go about washing them. You can simply stick your lilypads resuable in a cold wash (30-40 degrees) with your other washing for the day but just make sure to not include any whites or bedsheets and DON’T dry wash or tumble dry them. But was it all just a big faff you might be wondering. Honestly… no it wasn’t – but I would say for it not to become an annoyance I would always make sure to have a bundle of them at hand to change easily. I did forget one day to actually wash them in time for the next day( blame it on a lack of coffee that day) but apart from that its no different from remembering to do your laundry each day.

The most profound change for me personally was to not have to deal with any of the nasty side effects that came with using disposable pads.Resuables felt so much more comfortable against my skin. I felt happy knowing I was no longer contributing to the immense pollution our menstrual products can cause to the environment but that’s a whole other story I could go on and on about! Overall I would definitely say I’m a convert to reusables but to make them work for my busy lifestyle I think initially I would wear them on my lighter days to start with and most definitely at night( as they are sooo comfy) this is simply until I can get into a rhythm of washing them.


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