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Why are Floco reusable period pads black?

Reusable period pads are becoming more and more popular. This makes team Floco very excited. We are big believers in ensuring everyone can access the period product that works for them. People who flow are all wonderfully unique and therefore the products that work best for them will also be different. On top of that is the fact we all have different taste and preferences. I love coffee for example, my co-founder Alison hates it. Alison has always loved using period pads. But I was pretty late to the pad party and tend to use our reusable pads as a backup to the cup or tampons. Pretty much, we are all different and I think that is pretty amazing.  


So why did we design reusable pads the way we have?

Floco started making reusable pads back in 2017 after myself and Alison decided we wanted to take a stand against period inequality. Our initial reusable pads were designed, cut and sewn on the living room floor of our student flats. I remember the chaos of rolls of fabric, pins everywhere and lots of sweets and takeaways to keep us going. The initial plan was not to start selling and designing reusable period pads in the UK. However, after forcing our friends and family to try the pads for us we realised that many people were unhappy with their current period product.

We spent the next 2-3 years diving into the world of reusable period products. Focusing on designing a reusable period pad that actually worked for people who flow. Floco went through different pad prototypes and designs before landing on the design and materials we have not. Our pad is designed to be super soft and comfy and discreet. The materials we use allow the pad to be super thin yet able to quickly absorb and hold liquid so you can feel dry, fresh and confident. Floco hope that our pads help you have the best period you can.


Why are the Floco reusable sanitary pads black?

So why are our reusable period pads black? When setting up Floco, we made it a priority to talk to as many people about their periods as possible. Not only do we love chatting periods but we wanted to find out as much as possible about everyone’s preferences and annoyances when it came to period products. We love learning about the little things. For example, that lots of us hate the ‘crinkly’ noise of disposable pads and try to hide it when it public bathrooms or that we hate the ‘chemically’ smell of disposable pads. It became clear to us that black was the most popular colour option for our pads. There was lots of reasons for this. Because the pad is reusable, black is the best colour for washing and re-using and not looking worn out. Others told us they thought black looked sexier- we personally love this reason! People told us they hated the way that their white disposable pads looked in their undies and wanted a pad that looked as sleek and sexy as their favourite pants! Another reason shared as that many wear black underwear most regularly, especially during their period. A little bit of research from Floco confirmed that black is the most popular underwear colour choice


What do you want next?

Floco believe in continuous innovation. We are passionate about continuing to improve and adapt our reusable period pads because we know that we have not made the perfect pad for everyone- yet. We want to know what you are looking for in a reusable period product? What colour would you prefer? What sizes and flow rates are you looking? Is there another period product you are looking for?

Let us know in the comments or send us a message, we LOVE hearing from you.

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