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Where To Buy Reusable Sanitary Pads?

Moving from “normal” disposable period products to mysterious sustainable period products (reusable, what?!) may seem like a big jump into the unknown. But be reassured, it is really easy and life-changing.

Life-changing for both yourself (reusable period pads are so much more comfortable) and for the environment as you cut down on landfill and ocean waste. Win-win situation. Today we discuss reusable period pads and answer where to buy reusable sanitary pads? 

How do reusable period pads work?

Well, the answer is simple as reusable sanitary pads are easy to use. Washable pads are just like disposable pads. However, reusable pads do not contain chemicals and are made with soft fabric material making them reusable, comfy and absorbent.

Soft washable pads?! Yes, you read right, no more itchiness. Highly absorbent cloth pads? Again, yes. Whatever your menstrual cycle needs, washable pads have got your back as they are super absorbent and leak-free.

To ease any worry you might have, caring for your cloth pads is really easy too. Just rinse them with cold water (ideally as soon as you can). Then pop them in the wash on a cold cycle (I wash my pads on a 30 degrees cycle and they’re fine). After that, all you have to do is line or air-dry them (avoid the tumble dryer to preserve the pad’s life).

Where to buy reusable sanitary pads?

Although big period product brands are found in most places, reusable pads are not as common. Instead, have a look online, there is SO much choice.

Floco's reusable period pads are an amazing option for a start into sustainable periods as they offer a variety of sizes to accommodate your flow. Made of black technical materials, Floco's reusable sanitary pads stay discreet, they are super-thin AND ultra-absorbent. You will feel in control of your periods and feel secure thanks to the wings found on all types of reusable period pads.

So why not visit the Floco Shop and treat yourself to a vegan friendly reusable sanitary pad?


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