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What chemicals are in disposable period products?

What chemicals are in disposable period products?

This week we’re deep-diving into WHAT the heck is in period products. Pesticide Residue, Fragrances...oh my! Helen Lynn, Health Advisor and Independent Researcher said “It's staggering to think we still do not know exactly what menstrual products are made of or what toxic chemicals they might contain. [...] They have no place in products used daily in one of the most absorbent of places, our vaginas.”


Chemicals are sprayed on crops with the intention of killing creatures who get in the way of farming. This creates pesticide residues. While it may be effective for that purpose, this is NOT something we want in our vaginas.


Plasticizers are added to other materials to make them more soft and flexible. Get pack of disposable pads contains the same amount of plastic as 5 carrier bags. No, thank you.


Fragrances are perfumes added to period products to make them ‘smell nice.’ However these chemicals mess our bodies’ natural pH balance.

This is a huge problem...both for our health and our bodies. But alas, there is hope!

Thirteen new plastic-free period products have been added to nine major retailers since the start of 2019. Switching to reusable period products can save you up to 94% of what you would otherwise spend on disposable products over a lifetime. There are also some super cool new bands out there such as TOTM that are cutting chemicals from their disposable products. WEN (the Women's environmental network) also has loads more resources on this topic. 

We must remember though, that although the saving potential is high, reusable still have a higher upfront cost—which many people can not afford. This is why Floco is so adamant about using a percentage of our revenue (not profit!) to donate reusable pads to global partners in need. We are also working with universities and schools to make reusable products more accessible to all students.

Don’t forget that you can donate a pad through Floco’s website here. No one, regardless of economic status, deserves to have unwanted chemicals and toxins absorbed into their bodies.


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