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What Are Reusable Pads Made Of?

So many of us know by now that reusable period products can be a great way to cut the waste created from disposable products. But what are reusable pads made of? What is the best material for reusable sanitary pads? Are the materials ‘sustainable’ and gentle on our skin? Today I am going to dive into reusable period pads materials sharing examples of different brands and sharing insights into why Floco use the materials we do.

Everyone is different

So it is important to know that different reusable pad companies will use different materials. I am here to provide a general overview of some of these materials along with some quick facts about them. When talking about different period products, I always think it is important to stress that there should be no products shaming. Everyone with a period is so unique and will have different preferences and requirements when it comes to period products.


Reusable cotton period pads are pretty common. Cotton is the world’s largest crop. Cotton is generally quite a labour extensive crop and requires warm climates and commonly pesticides and high levels of water. Water usage is a dramatic impact of growing cotton and only 30% of cotton produced comes from rain fed-farming. Moreover, 4% of the world’s pesticides ad 10% of insecticides ae used in cotton.

Although the picture does not look great, more organic and sustainable ways of growing cotton have become more common which is great.


Bamboo fibre has increased in popularity over recent years and bamboo fibres have been seen in some reusable period pads.

It is very fast-growing and requires no fertiliser and can regrow by itself- pretty impressive. However, although bamboo can be grown very sustainability, like every crop it depends on how it is being grown.

It can be challenging to turn the bamboo crop into material.

Bamboo can be turned into material in different ways. Some of the methods require extensive amounts of chemicals and water and are therefore often not the most sustainable.

So what about us?

Floco make incredible pads that make you feel fab. We decided we wanted to design a pad that was super absorbent, soft, thin as well as being better for the environment. We believe by creating a high-quality product, we can encourage more people to switch to reusables, because let’s be honest who wants a bulky un-comfy period pad? Floco create black reusable sanitary pads for the UK market.

All the materials used by Floco are high quality technical materials. Floco use an ultra absorbent technical middle material that is incredible at absorbing liquid quickly and holding it secure.  

Our top material is  super soft polyester blend- just like your underwear- making the pads feel very comfy. 

Our bottom layer is a waterproof material ensuring the pads are leak proof. By using the fabrics we do, we can ensure a high quality product.

We believe we have chosen the best materials to create a high quality, discreet and absorbent period pad that feels great. An environmental report commissioned by Floco concluded that by using our pads compared to disposable alternatives, a user can reduce the carbon emissions which would have been created by using disposable products by up to 90%.

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What else do you want to know about period products? Let us know in the comments. Want more insights into Floco? Follow us on Instagram.


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