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What are Period Pants?

There are so many new period products on the market which is so exciting. But with so many additions many of us might be  more confused about what different products are and how they work.

Reusable period pants are one of the newest products on the market. Period pants are a reusable period product. They are underwear with a reusable absorbent pad built into the gusset (the bit of fabric that sits up against your vulva). This means you just put the undies on and you are all set!


Brands of Period Pants

  • WUKA
  • Modibodi
  • Thinx


How do period pants work?

Period pants are one of the easiest products to use. Simply wear them and then when they need changed take them off and pop them in the wash. Every pair will come with washing and care instructions so may sure to check them out.


Pros and Cons of Period Pants


  • They are reusable; yay! This means you can reduce the waste you produce on your periods as well as save some cash!
  • Comfort: Lots of users find period pants more comfy than other products. As the pads are built into the underwear you do not need additional products.
  • Lots of brands and styles available to fit your needs.



  • Changing reusable period pants in public can be a little bit trickier than other reusable products. So for some people who may have a heavier flow or are out of the house for a long period of time, these may not be the easiest as you have you change and then carry our your entire underwear.
  • Slightly more expensive than other reusable period products as there is more fabric etc.

Overall, period pants are a fab new addition to many period product ranges. Some people use only period pants and others use them as a addition to their period product range, for example as a night time product or on days they are lounging about the house.

What other period products do you want to learn about, comment below to let us know!

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