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What Are People Saying About Our Pads

Buying your first reusable pads or extending your collection of reusable sanitary pads can be scary as there are a whole lot of brands out there. In this blog, we share reusable sanitary pad reviews from our amazing customers.

When looking for the best reusable sanitary pads, it is easy to get lost in all the products available out there. At Floco we want to make your life easy by sharing with you some of our reusable sanitary pads reviews.

Floco pads

At Floco, we offer a range of reusable sanitary pads to accommodate your flow and help you feel incredible. Floco reusable sanitary pads are absorbent, discreet and comfortable.

A fab customer shares that our pads “are so thin and comfortable and surprisingly absorbent. Definitely, the best reusable pad I’ve tried and miles better than disposables! Would 100% recommend!”

Another customer shares with us that “the full range of pads are made from the most comfortable material and do not irritate my skin, unlike the disposable plastic pads. The Lilypads (now Floco) are a total game-changer for anyone who has periods and I would recommend them to everyone.”

Another customer says “switiching from disposable pads to Lilypads (now Floco) has been perfect! They are so much comfier than disposable pads – I could barely tell I was wearing one as they are very thin and absorb the blood really well so it doesn’t feel soggy. I would definitely recommend these to anyone with a period!”

Another fab client says (and we are blushing!!) “Honestly, it really isn’t an exaggeration to say these pads are life-changing. I’m a menstrual cup user, I’m in constant fear of leaks. Using the Lilypads (now Floco) reusable panty liners as back up means I’m covered in terms of leaks, and I’m comfortable.”

Reusable sanitary pad reviews

The same client shares thoughts about the practical side of our reusable sanitary pads: “They’re incredibly easy to use, wash and store. I would recommend them so much, I’ve bought them as presents for other people!”

Another customer says “smelly, wet, messy… that’s what I thought reusable pads would be. After ordering my first Lilypads (now Floco) I have not looked back. I was surprised at how comfortable they are, they hold more blood, and winner-winner, I have never leaked at night.”

The same customer also talks about our pads’ practicality: “I am surprised how easy and hassle-free cleaning them is.”

Another client says “Amazing! I haven’t had any rash or rubbing, even when wearing them consecutively for a week. They are super easy to wash. Can’t recommend enough!”

So, why not head to our website and learn more about our full range of reusable sanitary pads for day and night? You could even leave a review, we love to hear them! Follow us on Instagram for more updates.


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