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Thinx, WUKA Or Modibodi


Floco love that there are so many new period products available. Today we explore some of the options out there. Fancy learning more about Floco? They sell comfy and discreet reusable period pads and for every pack sold they are able to help fight period poverty around the world. 

Have you heard of period panties? They are becoming more and more popular because of their ease of use, comfort, and sustainability. So in this article, I’ll first share some things that pretty much all period underwear has in common. Then, you’ll see a chart comparing some brands that are available in the UK such as Thinx.

General Facts

  • What exactly is period underwear?
    • So period underwear is specially made underwear that has absorbency and (usually) a waterproof layer. It can also be called leak-proof underwear.
  • Worn for:
    • Periods, sweat protection, and urinary incontinence. So, most period underwear can be worn as a backup for other period products (cups or tampons), by itself as period protection, during exercise to absorb sweat, or for minimal urinary incontinence.
  • Washing Directions
    • Most period underwear brands suggest rinsing with cold water when you take it off. Then you can wash with soap and water or with your normal laundry. So to dry, it’s best to air dry, especially since most brands have a waterproof layer that shouldn’t be dried in a machine.

Brands Compared

Thinx WUKA Modibodi
Price Range £17 – £35(leggings and bike shorts are between £50- £70) £12 – £25 £14 – £30
Size Range XXS – 3XL
*they also have a range for younger people
XS – 3XL 04/3XS – 26-6XL
*they also have a range for younger people
Colour Range Thinx have a wide range of colours, lace, and some fun patterns. Black and some styles come in grey. Wide range of colours, some patterns, and lace
Absorbency Range Light to super(up to 5 regular tampons’ worth) Light (7 ml/1 tampon worth), Medium (2-3 tampons worth), and Heavy (20ml / 4 tampons worth) Moisture-wicking to Maxi-24hours (50ml / 10 tampons worth)
Style Range Loads – briefs, hiphuggers, thong, hi-waist, sport, boyshorts, leggings, and more High waist, midi brief, bikini brief, and seamless Loads – briefs, thongs, high waist, seamless, boyleg, bikini, and even swimsuits. There’s a men’s collection for light urinary incontinence too!
Materials  Cotton, elastane, and PUL (a breathable waterproof fabric) TENCEL Modal, Organic Cotton, Recycled Nylon Bamboo Viscose, Sports Merino, Microfiber
Company Ethics  GiveRise is their giveback program that fights for better access to puberty education, amplifying grassroots activism and donating period underwear. WUKA focuses on making products that are better for the environment.
They also partner with several charities.
They focus on charity by working with various charitable groups.  Their Give-a-Pair initiative provides Modibodi underwear to women in need in Australia.
Uniqueness I think the range and diversity of the period underwear are incredible. WUKA stands for “Wake Up Kick Ass”.  I mean, come on, that’s amazing! As far as I know, they are the only brand that has leak-proof / period swimsuits and a Men’s Collection.
Have I tried them? No, I haven’t wanted/needed any of their styles enough when considering the price. Yes, but I didn’t care for the fit.  The return was super easy though. Yes, I have a few different styles/absorbencies and have been very happy with them.


Finally, I hope this gives you some insight into these period underwear brands. Keep in mind that I looked at the company websites to get all of this information, so it will be biased and may not show a full picture (especially with company ethics). So check out the brand websites listed below to better inform yourself on these amazing products.

Please share below if you have personal experience with any of these, or know a friend who has. Also, should I bite the bullet and test out one of these brands and write a more in-depth review for you guys on it? If so, let me know!


Thinx | For People with Periods (

Period Pants | Leak Proof Period Underwear | WUKA®

All – Modibodi UK

Written by Morgan Ludington

April 14, 2021

Edited by Floco


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