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Sustainable Gifting

Sustainable gifting- a guide by Emms Choice.

Emms Choice believes we can put sustainability in all we do, working towards better choices that are healthier for us and our environment.

As the season of gifting approaches, it’s a great time to talk about sustainable gifting. After a year that’s been full of surprises and unexpected extremes. It’s about time we look forward to the winter season. Part of this is the excitement of receiving or giving gifts.

Buying with a conscious is so important. Spending time with people we care about often involves gifts, whether you are buying for religious celebrations, winter gifts or just because!

Lockdown Lessons

Lockdown has certainly given us time to reflect, to think about our impact in all we do. Travel restrictions and working from home have meant changes we’re not used to. Humans all over the globe slowed down. With this came more focus on nature, walks and we witnessed freedom for wildlife.

It’s time to re-focus our energy and thoughts and ensure we make conscious decisions in ALL we do. After all, these are our lockdown lessons and moving on in our life to a more sustainable future is much needed.

What small changes could we make?

When choosing a present for someone, moving towards sustainable gifting, refusing to go conventional and switching to more eco-friendly solutions:

  • Plastic Sellotape – swap to Kraft tape.
  • How about NOT sending greeting cards and not just for Christmas but for all special occasions – gift trees instead.
  • Saying no to nonrecyclable wrapping paper and going for Kraft paper with jute string or a beautiful fabric gift wrap – Furoshiki style.
  • Make your own gift tags with upcycled materials – get the kids involved.
  • Supporting plastic free gift options – wherever possible.
  • Buying gifts with an intention and purpose – not for the sake of giving something that might be wasted.

Sustainable gifting needs to go deeper – into the product, chemicals/ingredients, ethically sourced, non-toxic and then the packaging too – is it plastic free, is it reusable, can it be repurposed?

There’s never been a better Time to make SMALL changes

There are so many choices we already make and ones we control – whether intentional or because of habit. If we look to make small changes that are beneficial for us, we also move towards a non-toxic lifestyle which is healthier for us and our beautiful planet.

Isn’t it time to make OUR choices count?

We could change our habits so we’re looking after ourselves with non-toxic ingredients, reducing both waste and the negative effects on the environment AND having a positive impact on people we love and care for. These actions will reduce our carbon footprint, help us on a sustainable living journey and the act of gifting could also inspire someone else to do the same… AMAZING!

Buying gifts that are sourced ethically, support small UK businesses and aligning our buying choices with our own values is most important. This is why Emms Choice have launched a new gift collection. We also realise it’s been a tough year for so many who are far apart and want to make it easy to send someone a thoughtful, handpicked gift… send direct to them so they get a surprise plastic free package – all while supporting many small businesses and planting trees along the way!

It’s time to do what we can, how we can, whenever we can…

Emms Choice is committed to tree planting and reducing the impact of climate change while supporting independent UK businesses. We have a Limited Edition gift collection because we wanted to support even more small businesses.

The last day for orders is 15th Novembersee all our handpicked gift ideas online.

Will you join us in ethical, sustainable gifting this year – gifts with a conscious?

Warmest wishes sent your way for the last quarter of 2020 and beyond – stay safe, well and positive.


Founder of Emms Choice


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