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Stamp Out Your Cramp

Our Top 5 Natural Tips to Stamp out your Cramp

Bubbles for your Bloating.

A warm bath may be the perfect way to soothe painful bloating and relax your cramping stomach muscles. Start by adding your favourite bubble bath or oils. Grab your favourite book (and/or glass of wine) and soak the tension away. We recommend wearing a tampon for this if you are having a heavy cycle. If you don’t fancy a bath then a nice hot shower can still help to reduce pelvic cramping and bloating.

Move and Groove.

Exercising can be a great way to reduce your painful menstrual symptoms.. Not only will it make you feel better, by realising powerful feel-good endorphins, it can really relive cramping. While we know exercising might not appeal you to right now, and a bar of galaxy in front of the television probably sounds way better, trust us. Try a walk around the block, a light jog or some yoga, for a lighter form of exercise. If all else fails then pop on your favourite songs and have a solo dance party, you are a dancing queen after all.

Heat to Treat.

Applying a hot water bottle, heat wrap or warm towel to your stomach could make a huge difference when experiencing awful cramping. Continuous heat encourages your muscles to relax and return to a normal state, although be careful not to burn yourself.

The T is Tea can Help.

Sipping on Ginger or Chamomile tea can also help to reduce cramp, bloating and nauseousness. Both are packed full of anti-inflammatory and pain relieving qualities. Moreover, these teas are known to enhance menstrual flow which could potentially ease your period symptoms and reduce your period overall.

H20 is your Hero.

Drinking at least 6 glasses of water is a good habit to get into anyway but is especially helpful during your period. Water can help ease your bloating and nausea, both of which can worsen symptoms. To spice things up and encourage you to stay hydrated why not try fruit-infused water or add some leaves of mint. The best thing of all is that once you’re in the habit of drinking plenty water then you will do it without thinking!

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