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My journey trying reusable period pads

Trying a new period product can feel extremely risky. What if it leaks? What if people can see it? These are all normal worries to have. Today I want to dive into my own experience of reusable period pads to hopefully calms some of your nerves.

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My period product journey

Before we start, let me introduce myself. My name is Mhairi and I am one of the founders of Floco. It might be surprising but I have never been a big fan of period pads.

When I first started my period I used disposable pads and was completely put off straight away. To me they felt so itchy and uncomfortable. I was constantly worried I was leaking or that someone could see it through my clothes. I switched to using tampons pretty early on as I was so determined to move away from pads.

I continued to use  tampons throughout school, only using pads or liners as back-ups on my extra heavy days. (Heavy bleeders will know the struggle) It was during University that I began to learn more about the environmental impact of disposable products.


Getting introduced to reusable sanitary pads

6 or 7 years after starting my period  I met my amazing co-founder Alison and we set up Floco. It was through this that I was introduced to reusable period pads for the first time. Initially, myself and Alison were making and trialling the pads ourselves. I started to mix up my product choice a little. Using pads on lighter days or at night time.

A big appeal to reusable period pads was the fact they are always there. I will happily admit that I am a pretty lazy person. Having reusable pads in my drawer all the time was so useful when I had no products in or was coming to the end of my period and couldn’t be bothered buying any more.

During this time of setting up Floco I was also introduced to menstrual cups. The cup was a fab way for me to try more sustainable period products as I have always preferred internal products. As someone with heavy periods I still wanted a pad or liner on my extra heavy days. Reusable period pads were an amazing and sustainable way to get that extra protection without having to constantly buy disposable pads. Cutting waste and saving money- it was a clear win!


Warming up to reusable period pads

I continued to use the cup or tampons with reusable pads as a back ups during University. Setting up Floco and engaging more with discussions around periods meant that I started to become more confident with my period. I started thinking more about why I was using certain products, as well as what was in period products and what that meant for my body.

At the same time Floco continued to improve their period pad range (thankfully they are not made in our student flat anymore!). We were determined to make our pads comfy and discreet and we focused on making sure they were quick at absorbing fluid so they didn’t feel like wet nappies.

I have definitely warmed up to the idea of reusable period pads. I love the Floco Sleepy One- it is perfect for lazy days round the house or during the night. It is so comfy and designed in a way to provide full coverage. The ‘little one’ is also my perfect reusable liner for when I am wearing the cup, for lighter days or for the days when I am worried I might start!  It gives me that extra peace of mind so I can go about my normal routine without interruption.


Where can I buy reusable period pads?

Are you interested in trying reusable period pads or reusable sanitary pads? Why not explore our range of reusable period pads on the Floco website. We have focused on ensuring they are comfy, discreet and low cost. You can also purchase them in packs as small as 2!



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