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Menstrual Cup Or Period Pants?

Menstrual cup or period pants?

In recent years, periods products have become increasingly more accommodating to all people who menstruate with a wide offering of sanitary products. Today we chat about the menstrual cup and period underwear. Have you tried them yet?

All humans are unique and this applies to periods too. Not one period will be the same which means all experiences and flows are different.

This is why it is so great to have so many products available. More choice means periods better tailored for, pun intended.


Period underwear

Period pants have become a huge hit for their reusable and leak-proof aspect. Washable period pants are pats with absorbent material built in so you only have to wear them- cool right?! They are made of layers of materials that absorb moisture and liquid without being too bulky and noticeable.

Period underwear is so easy to care for as they are in essence, washable pants. Most brands suggest to pop your washable pants in the wash on a cold cycle after having quickly rinsed them with cold water, easy peasy! Tender love and care for the drying of your period underwear is required to preserve the life of your period pants, we suggest you line dry them rather than tumble-dry them.

A slight issue is that washable pants do contain some plastic for those on a plastic-free journey. Moreover, some people find reusable underwear a little trickier to change during the day.

Stay tuned for exciting Floco updates around period pants...

Menstrual Cup

Of course, period underwear will be more suited to some because of different flows and habits which is why you might like menstrual cups better.

Mooncup and Organicup are the leading brands of menstrual cups and do an amazing job for your body, for the environment and for the future.

Menstrual cups are amazing for reducing period waste as they last years like washable pants! Menstrual cups are a reusable alternative to tampons. They are an internal product which collects blood and is then emptied, washed and reused. On top of that, they are great for your health as they are made of medical-grade silicone and allergy certified.

Initially, switching to a Mooncup or Organicup may seem scary but be reassured they offer a range of sizes to ensure you feel comfortable while using your menstrual cup. Typically, they are sized Mini, size B or size A.

Menstrual cups do the same job as any other menstrual product and offer 12hours of coverage (obviously this may change depending on your flow or heavy days) and are so simple to care for! Just empty your menstrual cup, rinse and reuse! TA DA.

As if the positives were not big enough, Mooncup, Organicup or any other menstrual cup will save you so much money and will save you panic trips to the shop on these days where your periods decide to come and say hello early.

What about leaks?

Worried that your menstrual cup or tampon will leak? You are not alone. Why not try our backup pad which has been specifically designed for those ‘what if’ moments.

Some find menstrual cups a little stressful to begin with. Do not worry, take your time and practice and if they are not for you that’s fine like we have mentioned everyone is wonderfully unique. Follow us on Instagram for more tips.


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