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Lilypads: What We Have Been Up To In September?

At Lilypads we cannot believe we are at September already! Where does the time go?! We are a team that loves reflecting and so we thought we would share some of the things we have been up to.

‘Time of the Week’ Lilypads Podcast Launch

We just launched our podcast! The ‘Time of the ‘Week’ Podcast launched in mid-September and we love it already! We wanted to launch a podcast because we love engaging in the topics we care about and sharing our thoughts with our Lilypads community! The idea behind the podcast is each week, Mhairi and Alison will sit down (usually with a cuppa) and have a chat. They pick apart a topic or a question which has been sent in by the lovely listeners themselves sharing their own thoughts, experiences and any tips they might have. If you haven’t already, give our podcast a listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Buzzsprout.

Our pads are on their way!

Our crowdfunder ended in August. This was a huge success thanks to all of your support. The crowdfunder allowed us to start manufacturing our reusable period pads! Over the next 2 weeks we will be packaging these up and sending them to everyone who purchased pads through the campaign! We are so excited to hear your thoughts.

Lilypads have a new international partnership…

The Lilypads team are so excited to announce a new international partnership. Embrace Ability are an incredible charity committed to improving the lives of disabled children and their families in Cambodia.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on communities around the world, including Koh Dach Island, where Embrace Ability are based. Part of their response to the pandemic was ensuring the families on the island were still able to access essential supplies. Embrace Ability has implemented this through a “cash transfer programme that grants agency and choice to their beneficiaries”. This aims to “stimulate the markets and economy of Koh Dach Island. It was through this amazing initiative that Embrace Ability recognised the need for access to period products. Lilypads are excited to start working with Embrace Ability providing access to products and setting up our microfinance model enabling local women to sell products flexibly around other commitments. Stay tuned for updates on all our international work here.

Stay tuned…

Today, we have picked just 3 updates to share with you. We are so excited to keep working hard to ensure no one is limited by their period. Stay tuned with what we get up to on our Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIN pages.


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