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International Women’s Day 2021

This year for International Women’s Day, I’d like to chat about my favorite comedian, Iliza Shlesinger. She has four Netflix specials (available through UK Netflix), a sketch show, and plenty of clips on Youtube. She also posts frequently on her Instagram @ilizas – mostly of her adorable dog, Tian Fu. Since the start of the pandemic, she’s also created an Instagram cooking show with her husband, who is a chef. These are fun to watch regardless of if you’re going to make the food or not @galuten. Besides her comedy, she has acted in films such as “Spenser Confidential” and “Pieces of a Woman”.

Why do I like her?

She has hilarious voices and somehow always manages to make a goat noise at some point in every special. She is upfront about her beliefs and perspectives, while also stating her respect that everyone is entitled to their own opinions. I always feel more confident and empowered after watching her sets (and happy from laughing, of course). She makes poignant points about some common social experiences that are often confusing and disempowering, and shares how she would or does deal with it, in a hilarious way.

Favorite jokes? (Warning: includes some crude language)

I’m hoping she’s able to film a new special soon, because I’ve seen them all far too many times (and still laugh every time). Or even better, I’d love to see her live someday! Fingers crossed…

I hope you can enjoy International Women’s Day in whichever way you want and share some laughter with friends and family.

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Written by: Morgan Ludington

Edited by: Lilypads


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