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How do reusable period pads work?

So you are thinking about reusable period pads- we are very happy to hear this.

Reusable period pads can be a great sustainable alternative  to disposable pads or a great addition to  other period products like cups, tampons or period pants.


But how do reusable period pads work?

Reusable period pads work the same way as disposable period pads. You attach them to your underwear- but instead of a sticky side reusable period pads have soft wings that fasten under your pants using buttons or poppers. Floco pads use secure poppers and have adjustable wings ensuring that your pads stays in place in your underwear.

When fastened securely you go about your regular day. Reusable period pads are more soft than disposable pads so no crinkly feeling and no itch- result!

When you need to change your product you remove the reusable pad and either put it in the wash (if you are at home) or place it in sealed carry bag (if you are out about). Floco sell ‘carry bags’ that are waterproof, sealed and two sided they great for keeping your used pads secure and your unused pads fresh until you get home.


How do you wash reusable period pads?

Reusable pads are washed and reused rather than thrown away. This is great for getting down your menstrual waste, saving you money and saving you time- think about all the time you will save not having to empty the bathroom bin! Washing reusable pads is easier than you might think. Make sure you read the guidance given by each specific brand as reusable pads are all different.

Washing Floco reusable pads is super easy. If you fancy rinse or soak your pad in cold water before washing (this step is optional). Next, shove them in the wash with you usual washing. Cold washes are better for the pad and for the planet so we suggest 30 degrees or less. Air dry, dry on radiator or dry in the tumble drier on a low heat. Ta-dah! Fresh, clean pads ready to wear again. We told you it was easy!


Benefits of reusable period pads

So why make the switch to reusable pads? Although it may seem a hassle or a bit too risky, we promise you that swapping to reusable pads is not as scary as it might seem. We want to stress that reusable pads may not be for everyone and that is ok. Floco is a big believer is encouraging people who flow to find whatever product works best for them.

If you are thinking about making the switch then here are some reasons to do so…

  1. Cut your waste! Reusable period pads are an amazing way to leave a more positive impact on the planet. The average person who flows will use more than 11000 period products in their lifetime. Floco pads can last between 2 and 5 years reducing your waste dramatically.


  1. We promise you, they are SO comfy! We are so used to single use products that we forget there may be comfier alternatives. Floco pads use incredibly soft materials that feel just like your underwear.


  1. Save some cash. Floco pads last between 2 and 5 years saving you money. No more running to the shops each month, your reusable period pads are always in your drawer- it feels like a free period each month!


We hope this blog has provided a useful insight into how reusable period pads work. If you are looking to expand your period product range then why not check out Floco's reusable period pads? Every pack sold helps fight period poverty around the world. 

Explore the range today. 

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