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How to wash reusable period pads

Today we are chatting all things period product care. How do you wash reusable period pads? Often, many people are wary of trying to reusable period products because they do not want to deal with the washing. It is a reasonable concern, who wants an extra thing on their to do list?

My experiences

But I am here to share my experiences. As a self-proclaimed lazy person, I am a big fan of reusable period products. So here are a few tips from me about using and looking after your reusable period products (maybe they will help, maybe not, but let’s dive in).

First, realise that by using reusables you are cutting out other chores. You won’t have to empty your bathroom bin as regularly- yay! I used to hate the bin filling up so quickly especially when I had my period. Now I don’t have to use it! As well as avoiding the bin, you do not need to go to the shops as much. I used to always be caught off guard by my period because I have a the memory of a gold fish. Now, reusable are always in my drawer or the bottom of my bag-easy!

The washing part of reusables is way less work than you might think. So how to wash reusable period pads. Floco pads are machine wash friendly. So I pop them in the wash with my usual washing and then air dry. Ta-dah. As easy as that! If you would like extra steps you can soak or rinse them prior to washing them but I can never be bothered. Floco pads are also tumble drier safe (on a low heat) so if you needed a quicker dry you can do that. I do not have a drier so do not use that step! (Also think about the environment people!)

And that’s it. Super easy, super quick and so much more comfy. Any more questions about reusables? Let us know in the comments!

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