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Do reusable pads work for a heavy flow?

Today we talk about one of the biggest questions to do with reusable pads: Heavy flow – what causes it and do reusable pads work?

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Heavy periods

Periods are unique to each individual. They also change at different points of your life. For example, your period when you first start your period will be different 10 years later and different 10 years later again. This can make it tricky to determine what a 'normal' flow is and what is 'heavy'. May people will have periods that are heavy, but 'heavy menstrual bleeding' is something that should be checked by a health professional. 

Heavy menstrual bleeding is defined as losing 80ml or more per period or bleeding that lasts longer than 7 days per cycle. A useful way to frame this is if you are bleeding through your tampon or pad less than a hour. Using products can be a great way to explain to your GP or health professional what you are experiencing. We recommend visiting a health professional if you suspect you have heavy menstrual bleeding. 

A heavy flow 

Heavy flows can be challenging as they can easily impact on what you wear and what you do. Our reusable period pads can hold double the amount of liquid compared to a standard disposable period pad. How long you can wear our pads therefore depends on your own flow. 

Reusable pads work in the same way as disposable pads except that they are good for the environment, good for you and more absorbent! Floco pads have also been designed to help you feel incredible. We believe everyone should have the best period they can. Therefore, we have ensured our pads are comfy and discreet. 

At Floco we offer our customer a full range of our reusable pads to fit your needs. From the backup reusable pads, to the active pads, to the superstar pads and sleepy pads you are covered with us! 

Our Superstar pad is perfect for a normal period day and will absorb 16ml of fluid (the equivalent of 2 disposable period pads!)

Our Sleepy pad is there at the rescue for all those times period blood has leaked onto bedsheets and PJs. With full overnight coverage, our sleepy pad gives you coverage for 25ml of fluid or the equivalent of 3 disposable period pads.

Another plus side of reusable pads while on a heavy flow is that they are super easy to wash (yay). All you need to do is soak or rinse them under cold water then pop them in our wash on a cold wash (30-40 degrees) and air-dry them. 

If you want more information on the efficacy of reusable pads on a heavy flow, why not check out one of our latest blog: “What are people saying about our pads”? Feel free to drop us an email as well if you have any questions, we love to help. 


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