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Do reusable pads smell?

Reusable period products can seem a bit gross if you haven’t heard of them or used them before. To be completely honest, when I first heard of reusable period pads my initial thought was ‘yuck’. I immediately assumed that reusable pads would feel bulky, wet and uncomfy. Most of us grow up thinking disposable single use period products are the only way to handle our periods. No wonder reusable products seem a bit icky. I think using or thinking about reusable products offers an amazing opportunity to question our own attitudes towards periods and period blood. Why do we find reusable products icky? Do we actually like using disposable products or are we just used to them? As much as I think reusable period products are a fab option for some, I am a big believer in ensuring no one feels pressure when it comes to their period. People who flow are all wonderfully unique and so are our periods. Reusable products just won’t be practical or desirable for everyone and that’s ok. Some people may use reusable products all the time and others may use them as an addition. I hope this blog can provide a little more insight into reusable period products, either for general awareness or to help you take a step to trying them.


Do reusable pads smell?

Smell is often one of the biggest concerns when it comes to reusable period products. And no wonder with disposable period product companies claiming we need ‘perfumed’ or ‘fragranced’ products to ‘hide’ the smell.

 In short, using reusable period pads will be no more smelly than using disposable products.

Reusable period pads when washed and dried properly will not smell- even after multiple uses. Reusable pads like Floco pads use amazing breathable and technical materials than absorb any liquid instantly.


Do periods smell?

Any cervical fluid will have a slight odour. Periods are a natural process, the natural smell which goes along with them is nothing to be ashamed of. 

The smell of menstrual fluid also changes depending on how long it has taken to exit the uterus and vagina. There is nothing wrong or unnatural with menstrual blood smell and the likelihood of anyone smelling it is highly unlikely. 

The cause of period smell is either bacteria mixing with old blood or bacteria in the vaginal canal that is coming out along with the period. 

If you notice a dramatic change in the smell of your period or a fishy smell this could be the sign of an infection. 

It is very common to experience vaginal infections when on your period. Due to the fact that your vagina retains moisture. When the bacteria usually found in your vagina is slightly out of balance, infections such as bacterial vaginosis can occur. BV can easily be treated with antibiotics. Visit your GP if you are worried.

Another reason for a stronger smell could be excess blood. The key is to stay as dry as possible. Change your period product when it is fully absorbed. Wearing tight non-breathable materials can also increase sweating, the bacteria in sweat can mix with the fluid adding to a smell. Staying clean and dry can help reduce a strong period smell, but this cleaning should be using natural non-pH soaps and should focus on your vulva only. Floco's comfy reusable period pads are discreet highly absorbent, helping you stay dry.


Why are we so worried about smell?

Vaginal odour, menstrual blood smell and vaginal discharge smell are very common. Trends such as douching or using highly fragranced products are not the answer to this odour and have made many of us feel embarrassed or overly concerned by the smell. They will change your natural pH leading to bacterial infections and irritation. 

Problematic advertising focused on ‘covering’ the smell using floral fragrances imply that periods are something dirty and need to be hidden or covered. Remember, periods are natural, the natural smell is completely normal it is highly unlikely for anyone else to smell it.


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