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So you are thinking of trying reusable period pads? We do not blame you. Reusable period pads or reusable sanitary pads are an amazing alternative to disposable products. The average person with a period will use more than 11000 products in their lifetime. These disposable products can be made of up to 90% plastic- yuck!

So why use our pads?

Floco is on a mission to help ensure everyone can have the best period they can. We believe we have designed some super comfy, discreet and absorbent reusable period pads. We spent time listening and learning about what you want from a product, because everyone deserves to feel comfortable in whatever period product they use. For too long, period products have lacked the innovation they deserve but not anymore.

A big mission

If our fantastic pads are not enough of a reason to purchase a set, by purchasing our pads you can help fight period inequality. For every pack of pads we sell, we donate revenue to our not for profit organisation. This organisation works collaboratively with partners around the world, setting up period pad initiatives which increase access to period products and education to ensure no one is forced to risk their health, wellbeing, education or dignity just to get access to a period product. Learn more.

So a discount code?

Yes! We want to give you a discount code to thank you for supporting our mission. This will give you 10% off your next purchase.

Discount code


We hope you enjoy! What more do you want to know about us or our mission? Keep up to date with our team, here.


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