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Dame Or Modibodi

Dame or Modibodi? It is amazing that the number of period products available to us is increasing. Our team think that we should have access to a range of options so we can each find the products that works best for us. Today we discuss two sustainable period product options.

Dame period pads vs. Modibodi period pants.

So, let’s dive in!

Reusable period products are rising in popularity due to growing environmental concerns regarding plastic pollution, landfill waste and ocean waste. Moreover, there is now more awareness on the benefit of ditching disposable pads for washable sanitary pads due to the absence of harsh chemicals such as those found in traditional period products.

Dame washable pads are made of fast-wicking material, so thin and delicate you would never know you are wearing one. Made from silky smooth layers of fabric, Dame cloth pads ensure your comfort for the duration of your cycle.

If you ever had doubts about eco-friendly period products’ absorbance rate, you can now rest easy. Dame reusable sanitary towels absorb just as much as your regular disposable towels if not more. Of course, periods are unique and you may find that on your heavier days you need to change your pad more often than on your lighter days.

To fully maximise your potential of your periods, Dame eco sanitary towels are fastened with popper wings to keep your pad in place during exercise and daily life activities. To wash and care for your Dame eco pads, all you need to do is soak them or rinse them until the water runs clear, then pop them in the wash on your regular 40 degrees wash and air-dry them either outside or inside.


Modibodi is slightly different from Dame washable menstrual pads as it offers eco-friendly period apparel rather than eco-friendly period products.

So how does that work?

Modibodi specialises in periods, incontinence, sweat, pregnancy, postpartum and baby apparel.

It’s very simple really. Modibodi offers a wide range of different styles of absorbent pants (hipsters, thongs, briefs, bikini, seam-free, boyshorts) in either high or regular waste versions for your preference.

Each pair of pants are made of moisture wicking technology as a base for the pants. The period pants can have different rates of absorption:

  • Super light (equivalent of 1 tampon)
  • Light-Moderate (equivalent of 2 tampons)
  • Moderate-Heavy (equivalent of 2-3 tampons)
  • Heavy-Overnight (equivalent of 3-4 tampons)
  • Maxi-24Hrs (equivalent of 10 tampons)
Just as washable sanitary pads will keep you safe and snug, so do Modibodi period pants. The pants’ Modifier Air Technology will prevent and repel any odour to keep you feeling fresh, cool and dry.

Caring for your Modibodi could not be any easier. Just rinse them in cold water after use until the water runs clear. Then, add them to your wash on a clod cycle (you can use a delicates’ bag to preserve the life of your period pants) and then just air-dry, reuse and repeat.

What else do you want to know about sustainable period products? Let us know in the comments.

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