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Common Misconceptions About Reusable Period Pads

Many of us still find reusable products scary. Are reusable sanitary pads hygienic? Do they smell? Read this blog to find out the truth.

Sadly misconceptions and myths still surround periods in general including certain period products. Today we are going to squash these misconceptions and share some reusable period pad truths. Lilypads love reusable period products, they are great for you and the environment. But of course, we also understand that reusable period products are not for everyone. Periods are tough and everyone’s experience is wonderfully unique to them, we hope everyone can find a product that works for them. Lilypads just wat to provide another choice to the wonderful world of period products. We hope you can feel comfortable with your choices. Lilypads discuss some of these misconceptions on the Time of the Week podcast, listen now on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

So let’s dive into the common misconceptions surrounding reusable period pads…

Are reusable sanitary pads hygienic?

First up and a question sent to our team pretty regularly. “Are reusable sanitary pads hygienic?”

Short answer to this is, yes they are. Reusable period pads are as hygienic as disposable alternatives. Like all period products it is important to keep yourself clean and change them as needed. With reusable period pads you should wash them before you use them again and make sure they are completely dry before using again.

Reusbable pads also do not contain the harmful chemcicals which disposavle products use and which can lead to irritation or infections.

Reusable sanitary pads smell…

Do reusable period pads create a smell.? No, they do not. There are misconceptions surrounding period smell in general. Although period do have a smell (like anything), it is highly unlikely anyone will smell it and there is very little, if any difference to when you are ont on your period. Furthermore, the chemicals in disposable products which promise to ‘cover’ the smell can actually create a stronger smell. As we have already mentioned as long as you ensure a good level of cleanliness no one will be able to smell anything.

Reusable period pads do not absorb well

Reusable pads can hold as much or more than disposable pads. Every brand and type of pad will be different but Lilypads standard day pads holds the same liquid as 2 disposable pads and uses a material to ensure it can absorb quickly and be locked in.

Reusable pads feel wet

Reusable pads are fast at absorbing and more absorbent than disposables. The material ensure they do not seep any liquid out and so remain feeling dry. The bottom later is waterproof ensuring no leaks.

Reusable period pads are bulky not for exercise or wearing out

Reusable period pads are perfect for all occasions. Lilypads have been designed to ensure they are thin and discreet and will not see them through your leggings. We use a special material which allows us to keep the pads thin yet super absorbent.

We know that swapping to a reusable product or changing your product can feel daunting. We hope we have squashed nay misconceptions but feel free to contact us if you want to know more.

Our pads can be bought in sizes as small as 1 so if you want to try it out one month feel free. Our 28 days free return policy can also put you at ease. Why not shop now?


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