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Best Reusable Period Pads UK

Awareness and use of reusable period products is increasing dramatically. There are now so many more options for people who flow, ensuring they can find the best product for their own needs. People who flow are all wonderfully unique and so we all have different preferences to period products. 

Reusable sanitary pads or washable pads are one of the reusable options out there. But how do you decide what reusable period pad is best? Floco are on a mission to help everyone who flows have the best period they can.

We think our reusable period pads are pretty fab. Today we are going to share a little bit about our own pads and other options that are out there. 

So what is Floco?

Floco is on a mission to help ensure everyone who flows has the best period they can. We do this in 3 ways; firstly we design comfy and discreet reusable period pads, because why should we put up with anything less? Secondly, we work around the world fighting period poverty. Our team are big believers in creating collaborative and sustainable initiatives and so we work closely with partner organisations to set up projects that increase access to period products as well as empowering the entire community. Every pack of pads we sell, supports this work. Finally, Floco delivers inclusive and fun education across the UK working in schools, colleges and universities to combat the stigma that surrounds periods, puberty as well as encouraging young people to challenge the stereotypes that surround these topics. Floco was founded by 2 young women (Mhairi Cochrane and Alison Wood) after meeting in University. Find out more about Floco here.

Why reusable period pads? 

Alison and Mhairi began making their own reusable period pads when at University after learning about period poverty. They took these out to a partner charity in Kenya in 2018 and trained women in the community to run their own project that would ensure no one had to risk their wellbeing just to access period products. During this stage, they asked (or forced) their friends and family to try the pads for them. They realised that many people are unhappy their their current period products. They found them itchy, wasteful or bulky. After recognising there was a gap in the market for a sustainable period product that was discreet, comfy and innovative they established Floco- a company dedicated to designing high quality, comfy period products that would help support their not for profit organisation. Floco period pads help ensure no one has to compromise on quality just to access a sustainable period product. 

Best reusable sanitary pads UK

Floco hope to continuously improve our products based on feedback from our customers.

We think that our reusable period pads are one of the best in the UK. Floco spent the time listening to people who flow to find out exactly what they want from their period product. Our pads are discreet (we made sure they were super thin so they don't feel like nappies!), comfy (using materials as soft as your underwear) and super absorbent (our middle technical material absorbs liquid fast and holds it in place, ensuring you feel dry and secure.) 

Other reusable period pad brands include DAME, wearemout and HeyGirls. Reusable period pads might not be for you and that is ok. Menstrual cups are an internal reusable period product, brands include MoonCup and Diva Cup. 

Looking to expand your range of period products? Want to find out more about reusable period pads? Why not read another blog? Or Follow us on Instagram for fun posts and myth busting content. 


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