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Best Reusable Period Pads UK

Today we will dive into why we think Lilypads are the best reusable period pads. The number of people using reusable period products is increasing massively. This is amazing to see as disposable products are creating A LOT of plastic waste which can take hundreds of years to degrade.

Reusable sanitary pads or washable pads are one of the reusable options out there. But how do you decide what reusable period pad is best?

Today, I am going to share a little about our own reusable pads; Lilypads. Hopefully, this can help you better understand our products and help guide your decision.

So who are Lilypads?

Lilypads are a company with a mission to make periods happier and more equal. We design reusable period pads and this helps support our social mission. Internationally, we work with partners in communities where there is a lack of access to period products training women to run their own microfinance businesses selling affordable and safe period products. We also operate across UK schools, providing inclusive and engaging puberty and periods education with the aim of challenging the stereotypes and misconceptions which surround these topics. Alison Wood and Mhairi Cochrane started Lilypads in 2018, they are both passionate about period equality and education. Looking for more insight into our team and mission? Why not listen to our podcast.

Why did we make reusable period pads?

So why did we decide to design our own reusable period pads? Our team were sick of using period products which did not work for us. We found disposable period products itchy and irritating. We were fed up of using plastic products which created massive amounts of waste. Lilypads began to test and trial washable pads amongst their friends and family collecting as much feedback as possible. The overwhelming feedback was that everyone was not completely happy with their current period product but simply ‘put up with it’. This frustrated us, why should period products lack innovation? We became committed to designing period products which work for people with periods.

We had 4 key objectives, reduce the thickness of the pads, increase the absorption, make the pads more comfortable and ensure they cost less than a year’s worth of disposable pads.

Best reusable sanitary pads UK

Lilypads hope to continuously improve our products based on feedback from our customers.

Lilypads reusable period pads are one of the best in the UK. The materials used ensure that the pads feel as soft as your underwear and are super absorbent. By using such absorbent materials, liquid is absorbed instantly so you are left with no ‘wet nappy’ feel. The curved design of our pads ensures that the pads do not feel bulky and are not visible through tight clothing. The bottom material provides extra protection from leaks ensuring that you feel confident and secure when on your period.

Each feature of our pads was designed based on direct feedback from talking to hundreds of people about their periods and their experience using period products.

Looking to expand your range of period products? Want to find out more about reusable period pads? Why not read another blog?


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