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Benefits of Reusable Period Pads

There are many reasons why reusable period pads are beneficial...for our bodies, our wallets, and the planet. As I’m sure you know, Floco’s reusable period pads are discreet, comfy, sustainably sourced, and a portion of our revenue goes to eradicating period poverty alongside global partners.

But there are some hidden benefits as well, that are particularly relevant this Valentines Day...

Reusable period pads = No more public toilet bins:

A lesser known benefit of reusable period pads is that they help us to avoid nasty pubic toilet bins (where you would otherwise throw single-use pads away.) A LOT of people use those bins which are marked with “only throw away feminine hygiene products.” I doubt you’ll want to fiddle with those in the middle of your Valentine’s day date. With Floco pads, however, you just go to the restroom as normal.


Sex appeal!

Yes, you heard us. We are big believers (and it’s proven) that sex drives can actually increase during our cycles. Blood acts as an additional lubricant, and oragasms can relieve cramping. But how are meant to feel sexy with huge nappy-like pads in our pants? And that crinkly sound they make whilst we’re trying to get in the mood? No thanks. Reusable Period Pads are so discreet that you’ll forget your wearing one (and so will your partner).


Good for all messes...

Let’s face it, sex is messy. Urine, blood, sweat, ejaculate...they’re all normal. We bring our whole selves to the bedroom, we don’t curate our body fluids to meet the needs or preferences of others. So whether you’re on your period or not, an absorbative reusable period pad will come in handy.

We bet that our pads will fit nicely into your V-day plans. get yours here!


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