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Behind The Scenes At Lilypads HQ

Lilypads pads have launched and we need your help!

We cannot believe that it is November already! This month we want to give you an overview of what Lilypads have been up to. But first, we are here to ask for you help.

Lilypads are a small early startup. Therefore, we are looking for lots of feedback.

So our question is can you help us do that? Our first customers are super important to help us learn and develop our pads and processes. Your feedback is invaluable.

Option 1 (Bronze medal)

Leave a review here. It will take less than 2 minutes and we will love you forever.

Option 2 (Silver medal)

Fill out this form about your experience of trying the pads. If you loved your experience you will receive 10% off your next order and if you did not we will send you a chocolate bar as an apology.

Option 3 (Gold medal)

Sign up for a chat with one of our team here to chat through your thoughts and answer some questions. It will take no more than 30 minutes, will be over the phone and completely anonymous.

Be a Lilypads social media babe

Lilypads are continuing to grow our social media presence but we need your help. We pride ourselves on our pads being for real people and we love to hear real stories from our customers. We would be so grateful if you could share your pictures of your pads arriving on social media and your thoughts or stories on our pads. Make sure to tag us and we will pic our favourite each month. The winner will receive some lovely Lilypads stickers and 10% of their next order. So get tagging!

Jealous and want to get your hands on your own pack of pads? Hate emptying the toilet rubbish bin? Hate the crinkly noise of plastic disposable pads? Do not fear our pads are now live on our website so click here to purchase your own set.

Lilypads October Happenings

October is over already, the nights and mornings are getting darker, the leaves are falling off the trees and Lilypads have been working hard. We are 2 weeks into November already and so I wanted to share with you our October Review.

What we have been up to…

  1. Our pads have been sent and we have been loving the photos you are sharing with us. It means so much to us to see our pads out there in the world making a real difference.
  2. Our new partners have received their pads. We are excited to announce new partnerships. We are so excited to keep working with them to ensure no one will be limited by their period.
  3. Feedback is key to us at the moment. If you want to get 10% of your next order then please sign up for short, informal phone interview here.

Lilypads Bookclub

We are a team who love to chat. Our Lilypads weekly Book Club is providing us with great joy. Every Wednesday, our team, including volunteers and advisors (both past and present) meet (on Zoom) for book club. Our book club is focused on social causes and is a great way for us to chat outside of work, get to know each other and spark great conversations about the social causes we each care about. This month I have been reading Feminism Interrupted: Disrupting Power an amazing book about intersectional feminism. Alison has been sharing her learnings from her environmental Leith community group and Tom has been making some very insightful connections between Sci-Fi fiction and current political and social trends. If you would be interested in joining a Lilypads community where you could share your thoughts and start discussions then click here.

Lilypads Time of the week Podcast News

Our ‘Time of the Week’ podcast has reached its 10th episode already! Mhairi and Alison have been loving sitting down each week to chat about the things we care about and answer some of your questions. If you have a topic you want discussed or you want to feature on our podcast then send us an email. Our latest podcast was on the subject of gender equality have a listen here.


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