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Are reusable pads unhygienic?

Reusing period products might feel risky or unhygienic. Can we really use something that’s been covered in period blood? Isn’t that like taking a step back in time?

 Before we dive into the facts, it is important to point about that a lot of our worries toward reusable period products stems from our attitudes to period blood and reusing products more generally. We have been convinced that period blood is dirty or harmful. Disposing of period products feels like the only way to deal with it. More generally, single use products have convinced us that anything reusable is not as sterile or safe. Unlearning some of our assumptions about reusable products is important to realising that actually reusable products are just as safe as single use products.

What are reusable period pads?

Reusable period pads are what they say on the tin. They are period pads which are made from washable textile materials. They are worn in the same way as standard disposable pads but after use are taken off, washed and reused. 

We have become so used to the disposable option. Throwing away any sign of our periods. The products create A LOT of waste with the average menstruator using over 11000 period products in their lifetime. Swapping to reusables can reduce 90% of the environmental impact created by disposable products. The amazing health and environmental benefits of reusable products have become more known over the past few years which is great. But of course, many of us may feel a little nervous to move away from a type of product we are so used to. 

It is completely normal for us to feel nervous to make the switch, so do not be too tough on yourself. Periods can be rough enough never mind any more added pressure. 

Floco want to create a space where your questions about reusable products can be answered.

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So are the safe?

The short answer is yes, absolutely.

There are several research studies which have proven that reusable period pads are hygienic and safe.

The main risk associated with any product is absorbency. If the product does not adequately absorb and remains wet and is worn for a long period of time, it can lead to irritation. But many users note that they find reusable period pads are more effective at absorbing than disposable pads! 

Reusable pads also tend to be more breathable and natural than disposable pads. Disposable pads have been known to contain nasty chemicals which are harsh and irritable.


Making sure your pads are clean and dry will ensure they remain hygienic. So how do you wash Floco pads? If you fancy rinse or soak your pads in cold water (this is optional but can help remove stains if you are not going to be putting a wash on for a while!). Next, shove them in the wash with your usual washing. Cold washes are better for the pads and the planet so we suggest 30 degrees or less. Ta-dah! Fresh, clean pads for the next month. Air dry, dry on the radiator or tumble dry on a low heat. Then you are ready to re-wear them! Easy as that!


Want to try some reusable pads for yourself? Shop our range of pads now. 


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