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A Guide To UK Reusable Sanitary Pads

So you have decided to get yourself a pack of reusable period pads- yay. Reusable pads are a great way to cut your menstrual waste by up to 90% and are super comfy so why wouldn’t you want to swap? You wear reusable period pads in the same way as disposable pads. Reusable period pads are made of washable materials and textiles so no nasty itchy chemicals. But how do you decide between UK reusable sanitary pads?

How to use UK reusable sanitary pads?

You wear reusable pads in the same way as disposable pads, you attach wings under underwear using poppers or buttons. After use, you simply remove, wash, dry and reuse.

There are lots of different brands and types of reusable period pads out there. This is amazing, it means there are more options for anyone who wants to try reusable period pads. But how to decide on UK reusable sanitary pads?

Cheeky Wipes

Cheeky Wipes was founded by Helen, a mum of 4, who began developing reusable baby wipes. They sell a range of reusable products including baby wipes, face cloths, reusable nappies, period pads and breast pads. They are a fun brand which can provide bundles of products, great for those who are looking for a range of different reusable products.

Bloom and Nora

Bloom and Nora started with reusable nappies with the aim of cutting down environmental waste and creating products that do not contain nasty chemicals. Fiona Smyth, the founder, designed reusable nappies herself for her new-born baby girl. After realising that period products also contain plastic and chemicals, she began designing reusable pads again for her daughter.


Of course we had to include Lilypads. Lilypads have spent the last 3 years trying to develop reusable period pads which are comfy, discreet and affordable. Our main focus is creating pads that feel great. We have managed to keep the pads super thin and discreet while ensuring they are very absorbent. Our pads are super soft ensuring they are very comfy. For every pack we sell, a pack is sponsored to our international organisation which aims to ensure that no one is endangered by their period. Want to keep up to date with Lilypads? Follow us on Instagram.


You may have seen DAME advertised on large London buses recently. DAME recently revealed their new reusable period pad adding to the range of products they stock including a reusable tampon applicator and period underwear.

Unsure about what product is best for you? Read our blog period pads or pants to find out what product will work best for you.

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