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A Cup User Firsts Try With Reusable Period Pads

Period products used to be limited and restrictive. Luckily for us, there are so many new options available. The product we each prefer is unique to us and should not be a source of judgement. We often also change what products we prefer as we get older. Today, I thought I would share my thoughts on trying reusable period pads for the first time.

My product journey

So first, let me fill you in on my product history. I started my period at the age of 12 (ish) and initially used disposable pads. This is pretty common for most people to start with. However, I absolutely hated pads. My periods were so heavy and wearing a pad just made me feel like I was wearing a wet nappy. Not ideal.

So I started trying tampons, the only other product I was aware of at the time. After a few failed attempts getting it in, I succeeded at using non-applicator tampons. So that was me for the next 8 years. One thing which still bugged me was I tended to use a pad on my heaviest days along with a tampon just in case I leaked, or if I knew I was not going to be able to change it.

In my third year of University, I was introduced to cups. At a time when there was so much more information about the waste caused by disposable period products, I gave the cup and shot. It provides me the same discreet internal product I like without the waste.

Enter reusable period pads…

Reusable period pads had not entered by world until I started making them for the Lilypads student project. They seemed a little unusual to me and still gave me the fear that disposable pads did. However, it was my task to try some of the designs. So I gave them a go. Surprisingly, I did not mind them. I used them as back up pads for heavy days or nights.

A huge benefit for me is I am an insanely lazy person. I tend to forget to buy products each month and so knowing I always had a reusable pad was such a stress relief. I also felt less bad when wearing it on those days you have a feeling your period might start but doesn’t. Rather than thinking I’d wasted a disposable pad I thought protected.

Reusable pad designs

The first reusable pads I tried did the job but were still petty bulky. Trying Lilypads newest pads has been another new experience. The Lilypad is super comfy and soft- it literally feels just like underwear. Also the bulkiness of other reusable pads I have tried has been taken away. I like the little liner pads, as well as the back up pads. I tend to wear them alongside tampons or cups as extra protection or on the days before or your very final spotting days.

Am I becoming a convert to reusable period pads?

One thing which has really shocked me with trying reusable pads is they have taken away my hatred of pads. They have even made me consider wearing pads by themselves on certain days. Crazy I know. I now tend to wear them alone on my lighter days and overnight, or if I just can’t be bothered inserting the cup.

Although I hated disposable pads with a passion, reusable period pads have really opened my eyes. Not only do they save so much plastic waste, they are super comfy, they save you money, they are always in your drawer and they mean you do not need to empty the bathroom bin as much!

If you want to find out more about reusable pads read our blog on answering your questions or read more about our pads here.


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