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5 Reasons To Buy Cloth Pads

A few years ago if you were thinking about changing your period product, you would have few options. Always pads and Tampax Tampons were the most commonly available products out there. When you compare this to how many wonderfully unique humans exist on the planet, it seems rather silly that the options remained so limited. Explore Floco's range of comfy and discreet cloth pads.

As people in leadership positions have become more diverse and awareness about the complexity of periods has increased, we have seen massive steps forward. Now there is a range of period products available for us to choose from. Whether you prefer internal products or international products. Organic materials or reusable materials. There is a wide range of products, styles and brands to pick from and we think that is great.

Cloth pads

Reusable period pads, washable pads, cloth pads or reusable sanitary pads are one of the products available today. Today, we are going to dive into our own reusable period pads sharing why we think ours are a great option for making you feel fab. Follow us on Instagram for more insights into the benefits of reusable pads.

5 reasons why Floco pads make you feel FAB!

  • They keep you feeling dry
The technical materials used in our pads are amazing at absorbing liquid. No one wants to feel like they are wearing wet nappy when on their period. Our pads absorb liquid ultra-quickly and keep it secure. This means the pads will last longer than a standard disposable pad and will stay feeling dry throughout the day. Our materials are modern and super soft which means you will not feel itchy or sweaty when wearing them.

  • Thin and discreet
Unlike some brands which use thick or bulky material, our pads are able to be super absorbent yet remain thin. This means our pads are discreet leaving you feeling confident even on your period.

  • Fitted design
Our pad shape is designed to be fitted to your body rather than rectangular or bulky. This means it will lie nicely in your underwear and not feel or look bulky.

  • Reduce your carbon emissions by up to 90%
The average user will go through more than 11000 products in their lifetime. These products are commonly made of up to 90% plastic, taking hundreds of years to degrade. By swapping to Lilypads, you can save up to 90% of the carbon created from using disposable products over the Floco pads lifetime. 

  • Fighting period poverty with every pack
Floco is a company is on a mission to ensure everyone can have the best period they can. Every pack sold supports our social mission that is working across 8 countries increasing access to period products and education. Floco have big aims to provide thousands of pads to those who need them in the upcoming year. Sponsor a pack today. 

Why we care

Floco  began designing reusable period pads out of frustration. We were sick of the fact that people still found their period product itchy or uncomfortable. Why were period products not given the innovation they deserved?

We strongly believe that people who flow deserve high quality period products which make them feel incredible. Our design process focuses on what people with periods are actually looking for from their products.

We are committed to improving and learning

Floco have not designed the most ‘perfect’ product for every one yet. We are aware that it is going to take lots more work to get to that point. But we are committed to making that journey towards innovative products.

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