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5 Different Types Of Reusable Pads

5 different types of reusable pads

So yay, you have learnt about reusable period products. We are glad you have made this discovery. Reusable period products will save a massive amount of plastic waste from ending up in landfill. There a variety of different reusable period products; period pants, period pads and menstrual cups are the most common. Today we will talk about reusable pads, sharing the different styles available.

What are reusable pads?

So reusable pads are probably more recognisable. Reusable period pads are period pads made from textile absorbent materials. They are attached to your underwear using wings which fasten using poppers or buttons. Reusable period pads can be made of a variety of different materials depending on the brand but generally they have a soft material for the outside top layer, an absorbent material for the middle layer and a waterproof bottom layer. This ensures that the pads can absorb liquid but feel soft and comfortable. Reusable pads can be another easy swap. Either to back up an internal product or to use alone.

Can you get reusable pads for a heavy flow?

A concern for many when making the switch to reusable products, is do they work for a heavy flow? Do they absorb as much as disposable products? And will they leak? So can reusable pads work for those with heavy periods? Yes they can. Reusable period pads, are actually more absorbent than traditional disposable pads. Lilypads standard pads, for example, absorb about 16ml of blood. That is equivalent to around 2 standard disposable pads or 1 standard menstrual cup. Washable pads, like disposable, can also have a range of different absorbencies and so you can get specific pads for heavier periods or days.

Washable pads for exercise

Cloth pads can be used for exercise just as traditional disposable pads. Lilypads, have been designed to be discreet and thin. They are perfect for wearing when exercising; the adjustable wings ensure they will not move, and the discreet style ensures they won’t be seen through your leggings.

Reusable pads for incontinence

Urinary incontinence is when you can’t control when you wee. Besides being a health issue, it can affect social life and confidence levels. There are a few different kinds of incontinence.

Remember, you should seek out treatment from a medical health professional if you experience any kind of incontinence. Using cloth pads in the meantime should be a temporary solution.

Things to look for when choosing washable pads for incontinence.

  • Is there a waterproof layer?
    • This will help prevent leaks, which is especially important for accidental wees.
  • Keep in mind that urine is much different than period blood.
    • A quick-absorbing top-layer will help you feel dryer and be more comfortable.
  • Consider how much you usually leak.
    • If it’s a small amount, you might be comfortable with just a pad.
    • If it’s a larger amount, make sure you look at the absorbency rating and consider investing in period underwear/leak-proof underwear as an added layer of protection.
  • Look into getting a waterproof storage bag for used pads
    • This can be a lifesaver if you’re out-and-about and need to change a pad. Go for one that has a waterproof section for used pads and a section for storing clean pads. (We sell one at Lilypads!)

Reusable pads for night

Cloth pads are great for during the night. Not only are the highly absorbent but they are super comfortable and soft. Lilypads night pads, called ‘The Sleepy One’s’ have been designed to be fitted to your body to prevent any leaks. The materials we use are as soft as underwear, ensuring you have the best night sleep, even on your period.

Panty liners

Pantyliners or liners are another amazing type of reusable period pad. Panty liners are a thinner, smaller version of period pads.

This is really up to you. There are different ways to wear liners. If you feel more confident and happy wearing a panty liner all the time, then go for it. If you feel more confident wearing a pantyliner along with your other period products, then also, go for it. Period products should work for you and so use them as you wish.

Pantyliners can be great when you are experiencing irregular periods such as during puberty when it is more tricky to estimate when you are going to start. It can also be great when going through perimenopause, when you may be experiencing more spotting or irregular periods.

Teenage sanitary towels

Reusable pads can be a great way for teens or young people to try reusable products for the first time. They are accessible as they have very similar functionality to traditional disposable pads. Reusable pads can come in a range of different sizes and styles, including smaller sizes .


Today, we have talked about a few of the different styles of reusable period pads that are out there. Lilypads love chatting about reusable pads. Lilypads are on a mission to continue to innovate our reusable period pads. We believe we have created high quality, discreet and absorbent reusable period pads. We hope this helps you feel unlimited on your period.

What else would you like to know about reusable pads? Let us know in the comments.


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