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Do reusable pads smell?

Reusable period products can seem a bit gross if you haven’t heard of them or used them before. To be completely honest, when I first heard of reusable period pads...

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Are reusable pads unhygienic?

Reusing period products might feel risky or unhygienic. Can we really use something that’s been covered in period blood? Isn’t that like taking a step back in time?  Before we...

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What is incontinence?

Incontinence or bladder weakness is a common problem that impacts millions of people around the world. Much like periods, incontinence remains a stigmatised topic that leads many to feel embarrassed...

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What does discharge mean?

Sadly, vaginal discharge still causes many of us to feel embarrassed or worried that our discharge is not normal. Discharge is broad term which refers to fluid which comes from...

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Dame Or Modibodi

Dame or Modibodi? It is amazing that the number of period products available to us is increasing. Our team think that we should have access to a range of options...

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