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Discreet and thin, sustainable, fighting period poverty💛

Cut your Waste and Have the Best Period You Can

Thin and ultra-absorbent reusable period pads.

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Impact with every pad

Floco are fighting so no one has to miss school because of their period.

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Thousands of pads donated so far

Fighting so everyone can have the best period they can.

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For you

Periods are tough enough without a bulky pad in our undies! Floco pads are legging proof, thin, discreet and ultra-absorbent.

For the Planet

Swapping to Floco pads will help you save 316kg of CO₂E and 64kg of plastic waste over the pads lifetime.

For everyone

Floco donate pads monthly to those who need them and set up “pad projects” across the world to fight period poverty.

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Pads to Make You Feel Fab

More comfortable, more discreet and more absorbent than alternatives. Because why should we put up with anything less?

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Pads with REAL Impact

🍃No fragrances, no chlorine bleach, no perfumes.

💗10% of our revenue is donated directly to help fight period poverty.

🐠Save 64kg of single use plastic  

🌍 Save 316kg of CO₂E

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Our story

No One Should Be Limited By Their Period.

Floco's journey began in rural Kenya in 2018 after learning that many young students were forced to risk their wellbeing just to access period products. We believe strongly in creating collaborative and sustainable initiatives to increase access to period products and which work for communities.

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Floco are making headlines

"the need to do good for the world and to harness entrepreneurship, ... [Floco] is the epitome of that need, right from the very top." Forbes

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Discreet Pads

Ultra thin pads that no one will notice.

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