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💚Save 64kg of Plastic Waste💚

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🔥 Discreet, thin and ultra-absorbent 🔥

Comfy reusable period pads

Cut your Waste and Have the Best Period You Can

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2+ years of Period Products for £49.99

Transform your period with our comfy, ultra-absorbent pads

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Puberty and Periods Workshops for Schools

Inclusive, fun and interactive. Designed and delivered by Floco.

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For you

Floco pads are more discreet, absorbent and comfortable.

For the Planet

Save 64kg of plastic waste over the pads lifetime.

For everyone

Floco work with other organisations to help increase access to period products.

How do reusable period pads work?

The same way as disposable pads!

Place them in your undies and fasten the soft wings around the gusset of your underwear using our secure poppers.

After you wear them store or wash and then re-use.

First Time Guide to reusable pads

Save Money

Floco Pads last 100 washes or 2-5 years. This saves you cash in the long run.

More comfortable

Floco pads use incredible technical materials to create a soft, comfortable pad.

Cut Waste

Swapping to Reusable Pads can save 64kg of plastic over the pads lifetime.

Have a better Period

Thin and Discreet: No bulky, nappy feeling.

More Absorbent: The pads lock liquid in the core material to avoid seeping.

Materials: We use super soft materials that are not fleece-like. This means they feel just like your regular undies!

Curved sleek design: Fitted to your body and underwear.

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How do I wash them?

Washing reusable pads is super easy. Simply put them in the wash with your regular washing. Tad-dah! Fresh, clean pads. Dry them and re-wear them. Full washing instructions come with every pack.

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Pads with REAL Impact

🍃No fragrances, no chlorine bleach, no perfumes.

💗10% of our revenue is donated directly to help fight period poverty.

🐠Save 64kg of single use plastic  

🌍 Save 316kg of CO₂E

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Our story

Are they safe?

Reusable pads are just as safe as disposable pads.

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"They are so thin and comfortable and surprisingly absorbent. I don't even notice when I am wearing them."

A Happy Floco Customer

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No One Should Be Limited By Their Period.

Floco's journey began in rural Kenya in 2018 after learning about the impact of Period Poverty. We now work collaboratively with organisations to support better access to period products.

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Floco are making headlines

"the need to do good for the world and to harness entrepreneurship, ... [Floco] is the epitome of that need, right from the very top." Forbes

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The Floco Range

A range of styles to fit your absorbency and peference.

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